Dream Come True Moment !

“I was waiting for tiger to come out of bushes as there was a strong calling of deers. I waited there for an hour or so. Then I decided to move on to explore other part of jungle and come back. As I was heading towards hill top, I saw two gypsies lined up who saw leopard(Normal) some moments ago. I waited there for about 5 minutes and heard calling of sambar deer and langoor on other side. So we decided to follow the call. The calling was strong. Ours was the only gypsy there. Then suddenly the guide shouted -“Blacky!!! Blacky!!!” It was Black Leopard… The melanistic leopard. We started the gypsy to follow him but he was running in the bushes as he was afraid of our the gypsy and its voice. So I told the driver to shut the engine down and then we waited for couple of minutes and then he came out and crossed the road, giving me the most iconic moment of my life.

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